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Acuhealthline is focused on helping Therapist treat user or patient with at most care. Our products are designed to automate their treatment process for self-treatment by online or on-site by appointment. We empower Therapist with secured critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients. We pride ourselves for being super focused on the basics - Ease of use, honest pricing, great service, and respect for trust that Therapist place in us.

Acuhealthline offers a hassle-free online appointment system to Therapist. With this, Therapist can manage appointments, distinguish consultant appointment and send SMS to patients who have missed appointments

Reminders: We offers options for appointments and payment reminders, SMS to patients.

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Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan
49/24 A , Minto Road, Allahabad- 211001
E-Mail:Ayurved_acu@rediffmail.com, www.acusansthan-ald.in,
Contact:9335105694, 9389111003


The Acupressure Shodh Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan (ASPEUS) , Allahabad established in 1995, registered as a trust on 4rth april, 1998 is an institute built up for the service to humanity.

Our Slogan –“ Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One, Each One Treat One” is meant to aware people about Acupressure , a self healing method.

The Therapy- Acupressure is a Naturopathy by using simply seeds, magnets and colours on palms/ feet for healing. Acu means needle, Pressure means to apply force; thus Acupressure is the method of applying needle like subtle pressure/ stimulation on certain points of the body .

Stimulation brings change in our existing energy/working capacity.

If pressure is applied on points , it is called Acupressure;

If seeds are applied, it is Seed Therapy;

If colours are applied , it is Colour Therapy;

If magnets are applied it is Magnet Therapy;

The Therapy is simple, cost effective and a self help method of healing all kinds of health concerns.

ASPEUS offers regular treatment facility for indoor and outdoor patients at reasonable cost, for all kinds of acute to chronic disorders.

Short and long term training programs are also conducted to teach people , how to heal themselves.

Self employment oriented courses are taught as distant learning mode as well as campus level to prepare good, quality therapists with exposure to exhaustive teaching , treatment and research programs.

Our experiences -(1995-2017) 30,00,000+ patients treated ; 180 affiliated treatment centres established all over india; more than 2 lac people trained; approx 100 books published and a quaterly magazine SARASWATI with latest developments .

ASPEUS is known as a pioneer institute of acupressure. Our research is going on in related fields like Reflexology ( by Dr Devendra Vora) , Traditional Chinese Medicine

(simplified as Chinese acupressure by M P Khemka, President) , Sujok and Onnuri Therapy (by Late Prof Park jae Woo, Korea), ElectroAcupuncture According to Dr Voll( EAV literature) and Ayurvedic Acupressure (researched and developed through the Vedas by J P Agarwal, Director and Parul Agarwal, Research Scholar) .

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All Books related to Acupressure

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Our Therapist Happy user base has already 3, 50,000+ with the 89,000+ every year. They all are excited to get our automated tool to expedite treatment process with easy and with great accuracy

Acupressure Treatment taken for Back-Pain relieved 40% instantly and treatment for 5 days worked like a charm with no pain, So I am very happy about this treatment as other alternatives are very expensive or not happy as this one. Thank You

thumb Jessica D'souza
Corporate Trainer, Private. Training Institute

Knee injury and heel spur treatment was very effective and got result in five days” as I was taking treatment from past 2 ½ years with physiotherapy therapy and other consultation that made very small change. I am very excited and happy about holistic treatment.

thumb Nibedita Panda
Home Maker